Qantas International Business Class Review | Auckland – Sydney | Boeing 737-800 (winglets)

New Zealand Travel Blog: Part 17

Business Class | Boeing 737 - 800

Like my Business Class flight from Melbourne to Auckland, I was expecting a business class cabin suite like in the Airbus A330 - 200, but I was disappointed. Qantas 737 - 800 seats are just upgraded versions of economy class.

These are not lie-flat seats. Laid out in a 2-2 configuration, Qantas 737 - 800 seats are recliner seats wrapped in maroon leather which offers 37 inches pitch and 22 inches width. There is no direct aisle access for window-side passengers. 

 Seats have an adjustable headrest and there is a 10.6-inch entertainment screen in the back of the seat. The problem with this is if the front person reclines, your monitor reclines too. For 7 inches more legroom and 5 inches more width, if I were paying for this flight, I would not upgrade from economy. 

The food, however, I couldn’t complain about. I had a sourdough sandwich with roast beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, and baby spinach. I also had coffee, ice cream and orange juice.

 The washrooms were OK, but I have had better ones in other business class flights. Another thing I noticed was that the aisle was narrow, so it was not easy to walk to the washroom if you bump into another person.

Overall, my experience with Qantas 737 - 800 was average. I was missing my Melbourne – Auckland Airbus A330 – 200 trip the whole time.

 I was scheduled to reach Sydney at 8:05 PM and planned to take the subway to reach my hotel in downtown Sydney. It would probably be midnight by the time I got there and I was excited about the experience of taking the subway in Sydney for the first time.