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My flight was at 6:30 PM Dec 14, 2018. I had the whole morning and afternoon to get ready for my trip to the airport. I would be reaching Sydney at 8:05 PM.

I would have to check out from my hotel at 11, so I took a mini-stroll in the downtown area near my hotel, had something to eat, and came back on time to check out at 11.

My transportation to the airport was a shuttle service called Super Shuttle. It was from hotel door to airport service and was arranged by the hotel. The cost was $17.50 NZD, which was around $11.50 USD - not bad at all for a shuttle airport trip. Taking a public transportation SkyBus would have cost the same.

After checking out at the hotel, I was waiting for the shuttle to arrive. Because my flight was at 6:30 PM, I would have had a lot of time at the airport - which I didn’t mind because it would give me a plenty of time to complete a lounge video and try some food at Quantas’s lounge and pass some quiet time. 

The airport shuttle came slightly before the scheduled time. It was a luxury van and had a separate luggage trailer section attached to the van to carry suitcases and the like. This saved a lot of space inside the shuttle and made travel more comfortable. Another advantage the super shuttle had was its ability to use the dedicated bus lanes. It would save a lot of traffic time during rush hour.

I was very satisfied with the super shuttle service. The driver was courteous and helped me with my carry on in and out of the airport.

As I was heading towards the airport, I used my last minutes in the country observing wonderful New Zealand and appreciating its astounding beauty.