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Differences and Similarities Between Canada Personal Finance Websites

First published: Published Date : April 26, 2009

Regular ADJ readers may already know that I maintain another Canadian Personal Finance Web Site along with a few other sites. Today, I am going to describe shortly the differences and similarities between these two sites.

1.   1. No fixed posting schedule. Updates are made once or twice a week or none at all some weeks.

2.   Covers various topics in a wide array of subjects.

3.   Content mixing still weighting a little heavier on the financial side.

4.   Contents are more personalized. I try to mix my personal experiences, opinions, and feedback along with articles.

5.   Lots of social media content, such as video clips, pictures, and so on.

6.   It’s a journal encompassing all aspects of life.

1.   Updates are made usually once a week.

2.   Covers only personal finance topics.

3.   No content mixing; you will get only financial articles.

4.   Content is more professionally inclined; I will rarely be talking about personal matters.

5.   Social media content is almost absent.

6.   It’s a global and a Canadian personal finance website written in simple and understandable terms from a Canadian perspective.

Currently, there are three other websites I am actively maintaining: The Green Living Blog, Simple Personal Development, and Entrepreneur Journey. I am also planning to launch two other websites shortly. Most likely, these sites will be launched as Travel Now Simply at and Real Estate Expedition at

Furthermore, as an Internet entrepreneur, I own many other websites and domains. However, only the sites mentioned here have my name attached to it. Other sites I maintain as an Internet entrepreneur are incognito sites – meaning you will never know who owns it if you happen to come across one of those sites. Here is an example: That’s all for today.