Productivity and Feeling Happy

Feeling Good Increases Productivity

 Feeling good has lot to do with how productive we are. When you feel good and happy, your energy level gets a boost and increases productivity. Difficult tasks seem less difficult and endless problems resolve faster than you thought it would take initially. Our body releases several hormones when we feel good, such as Oxytocin and Serotonin, and we feel calm, cheerful, and in control – helping us to concentrate better with an increased level of productivity.

However, due to stress, day-to-day distractions, and various other factors, it may not always be possible to feel good and happy. I will go over some simple things you can do to overcome the negatives that prohibit you from feeling good and being happy.

Empty Your Mind - It’s hard to feel good with a clogged mind. A tangled and overloaded mind can’t make you happy. Here is more on How to empty your mind

- Confidence is one of the most important things you will need to be happy. When you are confident, you can face and tackle any challenges – and that’s when you become happy. Accept your weakness and learn how to become confident.

Better Yourself - Your learning journey and efforts to make yourself better should never stop. Changing yourself to a better person is not easy. But once you start the journey, you will be self contained and filled with joy and happiness.

Embrace Simplicity - Find happiness in simple things, live with less, and help others. You don’t need money to live a rich life. A rich life is living with minimal possessions and helping those who are in need. The good feeling you will get from doing so is something that money will not be able to buy.

Feeling good depends on various factors and most of these factors can be learned and practised. As you learn and start practising these factors, you will notice your positivity and good feeling will go up, along with your productivity.