Why I Mix Content

Wide Array of Subject

If you are a regular ADJ reader, you have noticed that I write on a variety of topics ranging a wide array of subjects. Although my main niche is Personal Finance, you will stumble on articles, pictures, videos nowhere related to personal finance on ADJ. So far, I have never had any complaints from my readers. However, my friends and readers, who know me personally, always ask why a personal finance site would have a mixture of content on a variety of subjects. Today let me answer that in this post.

So Many Personal Finance Sites, Only a Few worth Reading

There are countless personal finance sites exist these days. All these sites (or majority of them) have something in common - these are for professional investors; hardly will you find something for amateurs or regular persons who are trying to enhance personal finance knowledge to build a secure financial future. All these high-end sites will discuss similar kind of topics such as:

Which stock are paying good dividends

How to perform wash trades in your discount brokerage account

How to make million dollars

Ins and outs of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

How to hedge Hedge Funds

Ins and outs of Smith Manoeuvre

I am a personal finance author with both education and work-related finance background. However, sometimes I find it hard to apprehend and absorb these articles. What percentage of population are high-end investors holding dividend paying stocks or performing wash trades in their discount brokerage accounts?

Would You Do Same Stuff Over and Over?

Another thing I have noticed about majority of personal sites is repetition of subjects. They discuss same boring complicated personal finance stuff repeatedly. If you look at a few articles of these sites at a glance, you will see it is the same drink in different bottles. How long you can continue reading the ins and outs of Exchange Traded Funds or Index Funds. May be one year, two years, or five years? You will get tired of it one day, and will look for something simple enough and more related to your daily issues.

Why I Mix Content

The main reason – I don't want you to get bored hearing personal finance and money related issues on a daily basis. I try to balance personal finance and non-personal finance articles (including pictures and video clips) on a weight of 50 by 50 percent, or 40 by 60 percent, or something like that. Most of my non-personal finance articles are very useful and there is something in it for you to learn. Some of them may not be useful all but that's what a blog is about. Let me elaborate this in the next paragraph.

The Essence of a Blog

Blogs connect authors with readers on a personal level, and blogs build lasting relationships. Readers, who are reading ADJ, are interested in connecting my journey with theirs. Now, all aspects of my journey may not be useful to everyone, and that is fine - readers understand that. Sometimes I post video clips, pictures, and articles from my personal life journey. These elements foster a connection between me and my readers, and that's exactly why readers are reading this blog. They are searching for that connection, personal touch, and a relationship – which a non-blog site cannot provide.

I Was Shy and Afraid

I started posting pictures and video clips showing myself just recently. I did not do it before because I was shy and afraid thinking what if I loose my readers once they get to see myself in these videos, pictures? I thought may be it was just little too personal showing myself, or may be I should just post pictures and videos without showing myself. Then one day, I gathered enough courage to post my first video. Then I posted another video after a few days, and I kept posting more and more. I was keeping a sharp eye on my daily visitor and RSS stats. Instead of going down, it kept going up and up. I tested something and I got the results. Readers accepted as I am and they are more comfortable and connected to me than ever before. They know now the person behind ADJ and they have found the rapport they have been missing. That's why they keep coming back and recommending this site to their friends (I get comments from my readers stating someone else recommended this site).

Final Word

I learned something which may sound little too simple but it is very important. Readers love reading a blog and recommending it to their friends when they find these elements in it:

Simplicity – ADJ posts are always written in very simple and spontaneous way.

Honesty – I am what I am. I don't lie about anything and there is nothing to hide.

Arrogancy – There are lots of things I do not know. As I mentioned above, I have difficulty apprehending some of the personal finance sites (both Canadian and American). I write about what I know or at least I tired to know and learn.

Readers are the Lifeblood of ADJ – ADJ is ADJ because of my readers, whether it is first time visitors, or returning visitors. If you are reading this right at this very moment, you are a part of ADJ, and ADJ survives because of you. You read ADJ because of our mutual trust and relationship, because of our connection; not because I know more than you, or I claim that to be true. We all can learn from each other.

When I started this article, I thought it would be a short one; but look what I did! I feel great to let everything out and I know you will appreciate it. I thank you for becoming a part of this blog and hope we will continue our journey in the years to come
First Published: Sep 9, 2008 ADawnJournal.com