A Walk in the Parnell Village | Auckland Travel Blog

New Zealand Travel Blog: Part 11

Parnell is an upscale suburb or village in Auckland, known for being one of the New Zealand’s most affluent neighborhoods. Parnell is Auckland’s oldest neighborhood and has lots of specialty and antique shops, pubs, cafes, and restaurants.

If you walk down further south, you will hit the eternally-bursting New Market, which is a suburb known as the fashion and trend capital of New Zealand.

I was walking along Parnell roads and grabbed a coffee and a cake. I saw also lots of galleries, souvenir shops, chocolate boutique shops, restaurants, and small cafes as well. Walking down the road also gives you a nice view of the ocean.

Parnell village looked to me like an English country town straight from a history book, albeit with a modern touch. There are lots of side lanes that can be explored and it has lots of stores, each with its own charm.

After Parnell village, I boarded the tour bus and our next destination was the Auckland War Memorial Museum in Auckland Domain. However, we would only pass by the Museum and no sightseeing was on our itinerary.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum showcases New Zealand’s natural and military history, especially the history of the Auckland region. The building itself is also very historic. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Auckland, constructed in the neo-classical style in 1852 and built on the remains of a dormant volcano.

My next destination would be the Cruise around Waitemata Harbour with a short stop at Rangitoto Island from Auckland harbour.